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Promotion of a site in Yandex (SEO)


The site is always a specific marketing objectives. But not to stay in the shade, your site needs search engine optimization. Search engine optimization - is the promotion on the first place in the search engines for effective selling needs.



Promotion in social networks

PROMOTION in social networks (SMM)

Social networks unite a huge audience that is potentially open to dialogue and instant backlash. That is why the social networks today are an effective tool to address the major PR-tasks.



contextual advertising


This short text ads that appear on search results pages of search engines results. Contextual advertising allows a short time to increase the number of calls and applications received from site visitors.



Banner advertising

Display Advertising

Media advertising is aimed at strengthening the company's brand awareness and increased demand. Even if users have switched have moved on a banner on the website, media advertising is still deposited in the subconscious and creates the association "Company-product".



Progress in online media

Promotion on the Internet-media

The digital era has completely changed our information space. Internet media ahead of not only prints on the volume of the audience, but also some TV channels. The audience of online media - young, well-educated and socially active people.



Integrated Internet Marketing

Integrated Internet Marketing

It is the use of all the tools to promote the company on the Internet. Comprehensive Internet marketing includes SEO, SMM, contextual and display advertising, viral marketing, PR in Internet media.


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