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Promotion on the Internet-media
Promotion through online media - cheaply and efficiently.

The digital era has completely changed our information space. Internet media audiences for a long time ahead of the majority of the volume of publications and is about to come close to the size of the TV channels. In pursuit of the audience, many off-line media, and moved to an online version of their publications (eg,,, And the audience of online media - young, well-educated and socially active people. Publications reputable online media widely cited traditional media. All this makes online media key instruments in the work on the promotion of each company.

Another advantage of online media - the low cost of PR-campaigns, especially when compared to traditional media.

Progress in online media


• Make up online media database individually for each customer (both thematic and mass).
• Prepare PR-materials on the company, including journalists: articles, interviews, press releases, comments, etc.
• The communication on the prepared base.
• motivating journalists and editors by outgoing calls for publication.
• Connection of Display advertising to enhance the effectiveness of PR-campaign on the Internet.
• Putting into operation of PR in social media.
• Monitors published materials and provide customers with a detailed report with all that go out materials.


Progress in online media


• Well-established contacts with the leading online media, the ability to place commercial materials with discounts up to 75%.
• Monitoring of published materials is automatic with the help of special software, the tracking of publishing material online.
• Our specialists are responsible for communication with the media, have a journalistic education, which allows them much easier and faster to find an understanding with journalists and editors.

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